TLILIC3018 – Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle

This unit addresses the knowledge and skill necessary to obtain a Multi Combination Drivers Licence. It includes systematically and efficiently controlling all vehicle functions, monitoring of traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance, coupling & uncoupling of trailer & effective management of hazardous situations.

Multi-combination vehicle

VEHICLE CLASS MC – Multi Combination
Any heavy combination vehicle with one or more additional trailers. (B Double or Road Train) To upgrade to this class you must have held a Heavy Rigid or a combination of Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination licence class for 12 months.

• Road Rules and Compliance
• Pre-Operational Checks and Vehicle Inspections
• Cabin Drill
• Systematic & Efficient Control of all Vehicle Functions
• Negotiating Complex Traffic Infrastructure
• Gear, Brake & Accelerator Management
• Prescribed Truck Routes
• Crash Avoidance Space
• Critical Reversing Skills
• Monitoring Road & Traffic Conditions
• Load Restraint, Coupling & Uncoupling a Trailer
• Shutdown & Secure Vehicle

This course is delivered face to face


To upgrade to this licence class, you must have held a Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination licence for 12 months.

Is dependent upon participant aptitude and previous experience – 1 Participant 1 day, 2 or more participants the theory is conducted in the morning of the first day, practical is conducted 1 on 1 on the following day/s – so participant 2 will conduct practical on day 2, participant 3 will conduct practical on day 3 etc. All participants are required to attend the morning of the 1st day and then their scheduled practical day.

• You must have held a Heavy Rigid or a combination of Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination licence class for 12 months. You must supply your current drivers licence and 1 other form of ID. i.e. Medicare card.
• At the time of enrolment, you must disclose any medications or disability which may affect your learning or driving ability.
• You must understand and speak the English language at a level that enables the safe performance of driving a heavy vehicle.
• You are required to wear comfortable and practical clothing and workboots.
• Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of training, Tea & Coffee is provided.

All courses require a position holding deposit of 50%. Applicants will be advised of the amount at the time of the booking. Payment for the balance is required prior to the final assessment being conducted. You will be provided with a student information book. Corporate clients will be forwarded an authority to invoice on the term of a 14-day account unless prior arrangements have been made. Facilities include Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cheque or Cash.

• Go to VicRoads and purchase the Truck & Bus Handbook and study it, as this is what your knowledge assessment will be based on. Your knowledge test will be conducted at 1 STOP DRIVING SCHOOL.
• Contact us and book in for your driver training and assessment, a deposit is required at the time of booking.
• On the day
➢ Bring with you your current drivers licence and a secondary form of ID
➢ You will be required to complete a licence application
➢ Undergo a vision test (If you wear glasses ensure you bring them along)
➢ During the course and prior to the driving assessment you will undertake a knowledge test
➢ Receive driver training and a competency-based assessment
• On successful completion go to VicRoads with the documents we provided you with, pay the appropriate licence fee and upgrade your licence.

The RTA Roads & Traffic Authority is now known as RMS – Roads & Maritime Services
• You will need to pass a medical examination, go to RMS and obtain the medical report form and organise a medical examination with your doctor.
• You can practice the Heavy vehicle knowledge test on the RMS website as many times as you like (see the following link)
• When you are confident with your practice results go to the RMS (you may need to book in) and undertake the knowledge test. You need to complete the test at least 3 days prior to your driver training booking.
• You will need to provide RMS with:
➢ Your current Drivers Licence & Payment for the knowledge test
➢ A completed medical report
➢ Once you have passed your knowledge test, you will be required to undertake a vision test (If you wear glasses ensure you take them along)
• Contact our office and book in for your Driver Training & Assessment, a deposit is required at the time of booking.
• On successful completion, your results will be reported to RMS, you then need to go to RMS, pay the appropriate fee and upgrade your licence.

The participant is trained/instructed on each competency, the participant must then demonstrate the ability to perform each criteria and will be progressively assessed, this is determined by when the assessor believes the participant is competent in the task criteria. Should the participant be deemed not competent under legislative standards the assessor must wait an hour before re-assessing the participant in the same competency. The FCA – final competency assessment, is conducted on successful completion of the HVCBA (as above) if an applicant exceeds the allowable error rate they will receive a failed result and will be required to undergo a full retest. Further fees are applicable for participants that require reassessment.


This course is a Nationally Recognised Training and applicants deemed competent at the conclusion of the course will be provided with a Statement of Attainment and the appropriate Licensing Body’s – Licence Application form. The applicant is responsible for the payment of Licensing fees for Heavy Vehicle when they lodge their licence upgrade with RMS or VicRoads. A non-accredited Licence is available, contact the office for further details.

In the event of cancellation or withdrawal from this course a minimum of 72 hours notice is mandatory. 10% of the deposit will be retained by 1 Stop Driving School for administration fees, the remainder of the deposit will be returned to the original payer. Dependent upon circumstances students may be offered an alternative date for training. There is no charge for a student to transfer to an alternative date, provided 72 hours notice has been provided. In the event 1 Stop Driving School is not notified of the cancellation and the student does not attend training, the full course fee may be applicable, the student agreement form specifies that the student/client is liable for full course fees upon non-attendance. In the event 1 Stop Driving School cancel the training course and is not rescheduling then a full refund will be returned to the payer.

TLILIC3018 forms part of the Certificate III TLI31216 Transport & Logistics Driving Operations. This unit of competency can provide Job Pathways in the fields of Line Haul, Heavy General Freight Drivers, Car Transporter Driver, Livestock Driver or Logging Truck Driver. For more information please refer to the Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council: