22516VIC Course in Minimising Risks in the Use of 1080 & PAPP Bait Products for Vertebrate Pest Control

This course provides all the information you need on the requirements for purchasing and using 1080 pest animal bait products. Upon successful completion, you will be able to apply for a permit from Agriculture Victoria that will allow you to purchase, prepare and use 1080 pest animal bait products purchased from accredited 1080 retailers or authorised manufacturers. These include shelf-stable and perishable baits such as carrots and oats for rabbit control, and fresh meat baits and Foxoff for fox and wild dog control.

Note: This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

The course provides participants with information on how to:
The AgVet Chemical Users Course provides participants with information on State Legislation and knowledge on issues such as:
• plan a 1080 or PAPP pest animal bait program using best practice that includes target and non-target species identification and ecology, appropriate timing, bait and bait site selection and dosage and bait lay
• complete a site risk assessment that considers non-target impacts, alternative and complementary control options
• apply the requirements of the Directions for the Use of 1080 and PAPP Pest Animal Bait Products in Victoria
• post-baiting requirements that include, retrieval and disposal of carcasses and untaken bait; and record keeping

This course is delivered face to face

Individuals must:
• Over 18 years of age
• Have completed the AgVet Chemical Users Training or equivalent training or have obtained an Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP) issued by the Department of Primary Industries (Vic)

4 hours

Fee for Service $200
Skills First Funded $80
Skills First Funded Concession $16
Aboriginal Access Fee Waiver $0

• You must understand and speak the English language at a level that enables the safe use of products
• You will be required to undertake some mathematical calculations during the course
• You must provide, on the 1st day of training, one (1) form of current photo identification and one additional form of identification
• Wear comfortable and practical clothing and workbooks. (safety boots preferred)
• Tea & Coffee is provided
• Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of training

An assessment will be conducted at the conclusion of training in both practical and theory components. Competency based assessment practical component requires the participant to successfully complete a series of requested tasks under observation of the assessor: the assessor will then determine a judgement of competency. The knowledge component consists of a written assessment. During the assessment, if the assessor believes your response requires further information or is incorrect, you will be asked further questions to determine the level of your understanding.

All courses require a position holding deposit of 50%. Applicants will be advised of the amount at the time of the booking. Payment for the balance is required prior to the final assessment being conducted. Corporate clients will be forwarded an authority to invoice on the term of a 14 day account, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Facilities include Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cheque or Cash.

All students will be provided with a student information book detailing their rights and responsibilities.

This course is a Nationally Recognised Accredited Course and applicants deemed competent at the successful conclusion of the course will be provided with a Statement of Attainment for 22516VIC Course in Minimising Risks in the Use of 1080 & PAPP Bait Products for Vertebrate Pest Control.

In the event of cancellation or withdrawal from this course a minimum of 72 hours notice is mandatory. 10% of the deposit will be retained by 1 Stop Driving School for administration fees, the remainder of the deposit will be returned to the original payer. Dependent upon circumstances students may be offered an alternative date for training. There is no charge for a student to transfer to an alternative date, provided 72 hours notice has been provided.

In the event 1 Stop Driving School is not notified of the cancellation and the student does not attend training, the full course fee may be applicable, the student agreement form specifies that the student/client is liable for full course fees upon non-attendance.

In the event 1 Stop Driving School cancel the training course, and is not rescheduling, a full refund will be returned to the original payer.