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1 Stop Driving School course information is available from administration, please request a course information sheet or our course guide book. The information provided will assist you in making a decision regarding the training options available to you. Some courses require you to complete study or pre training assessments, all requirements are listed in the above mentioned documentation.


As accredited providers, we are required to provide regulatory bodies with notification of training and we have a minimum period of 72 hours to notify them of cancellations. So inturn we request that students who are unable to attend a course they have enrolled in, that they notify us at their earliest convenience. Students who fail to notify 1 Stop Driving School of their cancellation will incur the full course fee.


1 Stop Driving School is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working and learning environment for staff, students, visitors and the general public in accordance with its legislative obligations. Due to the high risk nature of the training courses we offer, we request students to notify their trainer or a member of staff of any hazards or situations that you feel could potentially lead to an incident. At no point should a student place themselves or other course participants in a position that breaches the OHS / WH&S laws. Upon enrolment students are required to sign the enrolment agreement which states "Any actions that may result in injury to other course participants, staff or general public" will lead to dismissal from the course.


It is expected all students arrive for training at least 10 - 15 minutes before the scheduled training time, this will allow you time to complete pre course documentation, address any questions you may have and settle in.


All training courses require evidence of identity which must include 1 form of photo identification, further information on all identity requirements can be found on the course information sheet. Please ensure you bring your identification with you on the first day of training, failure to do so may lead to not being able to continue on the course. If you do not have photo identification please contact our office and we will advise you of your options.



CBT—Competency based training focuses on skill development which is relative to the needs of industry and the workplace.

CBA—Competency Based Assessment is the process of collecting evidence of vocational skills (skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplace) and making a judgement on an individual’s competency. You will be trained and assessed in accordance with the relevant training package and endorsed unit of competency. Assessments are conducted at the completion of training and will include knowledge (written) and practical components and may include a calculations component. Heavy Vehicle Licensing requires participants to complete a knowledge test prior to the commencement of driver training, ensuring participants have a solid understanding of the relevant State’s road rules.

In the case of High Risk Licensing courses, 100% of the critical questions must be answered correctly, on completion of your assessment, students may be requested for verbal clarification of any of the questions that may require further information.

Students are provided with time limits to complete their assessment, your assessor will discuss what you are required to do and the time period allowed prior to the commencement of assessment.

Students who are deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) on the completion of their assessment will be advised of their options for reassessment. High Risk Licensing assessments cannot be reassessed for minimum of 48 hours. Students can be provided with additional training prior to reassessment.

Students may appeal the NYC assessment decision, to do so you will need to complete an appeal form available from administration.


Students who have successfully completed a full qualification will receive a Certificate and record of results. If the student only partially completes a full qualification the student will receive a Statement of Attainment for all units completed successfully.

Students who have successfully completed a nationally recognised short courses, will receive a Statement of Attainment for each unit/s completed.

If the unit completed has licensing requirements, the student will be provided with a statement of attainment and the appropriate documentation required to lodge the licensing application.

All Qualifications and Statements of Attainment will be issued within 28 days of completion of training. Please ensure you have provided us with your current mailing address.



The total amount of all fees including, course fees, administration fees, material fees and any other charges for all courses are available on request from the administration office and provided to applicants via request or written quotation.


All courses require a position holding deposit of up to 50%, participants will be advised of the amount at the time of the booking. Payment for the balance is required prior to the final assessment being conducted. Facilities include Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cheque or Cash.


In the event 1 Stop Driving School is unable for any reason to deliver training any deposits or payments will be refunded or an alternative booking date organised.


When an applicant accepts a position on a course and signs the booking form it signifies a contract between the applicant and 1 Stop Driving School. 1 Stop Driving School is required to provide licensing regulatory bodies with notice of cancellation.

In the event of cancellation or withdrawal from this contract you are required to notify us a minimum of 72 hours (3 working days) prior to the commencement of the course. If the student is not rescheduling 10% of the deposit will be retained by 1 Stop Driving School for administration fees, the remainder of the deposit will be returned to the original payer. Students may be offered an alternative date for training, there is no charge for a student to transfer to an alternative date.

In the event 1 Stop Driving School is not notified of the cancellation and the applicant does not attend training the full course fee will be applicable, the booking form specifies that the applicant/client is liable for full course fees upon non-attendance.

In the event 1 Stop Driving School cancels and is not rescheduling the training course, then a full refund will be returned to the payer.

In the event of an applicant’s misconduct in any circumstances and that fail to comply with the Policies and or Conditions of their enrolment may be asked to leave the course. Refunds will NOT be provided in these circumstances.



For example: where a replacement Certificate or Statement of Attainment reprint is requested a service fee will be charged, for the current charge please contact administration staff.


High Risk Licensing Reassessment: applicants deemed not yet competent (NYC) will be provided the opportunity to undergo further training at no extra cost, however, Victorian applicants must be reassessed within 60 days of the initial assessment. NSW applicants cannot be reassessed for a minimum of 48 hours, fees do apply for each section that requires reassessment. The applicant will be advised at the time of the additional fees as the rate is variable dependent upon the number of NYC outcomes.

On completion of the training course students are required to sign an acknowledgement form that they have been advised of their lodgement period time frame. If an applicant did not lodge their application with Australia Post within the advised time period, the student will require to be reassessed which will incur a reassessment fee, administration staff can advise students of the current fee.


If an applicant is deemed not yet competent (NYC) during a heavy vehicle assessment they will be required to undergo an additional assessment which will incur an assessment fee and the cost of rehiring of the vehicle for a minimum of 1 hour. The student will be advised prior to commencement of training and if required at the point deemed NYC.


The applicant is responsible for the payment of Applicable Licensing Fees for Heavy Vehicle and High Risk Licences.

Heavy Vehicle licence upgrades is payable when they lodge their documentation with the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) or VicRoads.

High Risk Licence applications are payable at the time of lodgement with Australia Post. Further information can be located in the course information sheets.

Students are required to lodge their application for a Licence to Perform High Risk within 60 days from the assessment date. If this period of time lapses the student has not submitted their application and still wishes to obtain a licence, the student will be required to be reassessed at an additional cost.


Due to the high risk nature of the training conducted by 1 Stop Driving School it is a requirement of enrolment that all participants follow all reasonable direction given and adhere to the instructions provided by the trainer at all times.

To ensure all students receive a safe and supportive learning environment we expect all course participants to respect the rights of others, be polite, courteous, and punctual. You are requested to participate in classroom activities, discussions and act in a manner appropriate to this environment.

1 Stop Driving School reserves the right to suspend training or remove participants from the course if:

  • Any occurrence of unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour towards the trainer/staff or other participants
  • Deliberate failure to follow instructions provided by the trainer
  • In the trainers opinion the participant appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any actions that may result in injury to other course participants, staff or general public
  • They cause deliberate damage of equipment or premises

In signing the booking form you agree to abide by 1 Stop Driving School’s code of conduct.


Is not permitted in any buildings or practical testing areas of the training venue. Please ask your trainer where or if there is a designated smoking area.


To avoid class disruption, please ensure you turn your mobile phones off or on silent during class times.


1 Stop Driving School's Trainers and Assessors are not permitted to request, or accept a gift, bribe, benefit, or favour for services associated with conducting training & assessment, including indirect influence or even appear to influence an assessor’s ability to act or perform their duties impartially.

Any illegal activities of this nature will result in the student or trainer being reported to the regulatory authority.